About Us

Our Journey to Healthy Snacking and Beyond 

Savvy Snack Box was founded to help families just like us.  We are always busy and on the go with sports, play dates, family activities and birthday parties. I'm that Mama that always has snacks for my kiddos and happy to share with yours. Our kids are all about their snacks!  

A nutritional scare forced us to change the way we thought about food. I wanted to change our diet, but wanted to introduce the change slowly. So, I thought why not start with our snacks? The funny part was that I actually thought we were giving our kids healthy snacks. I thought, we don't give our kids sodas (except at birthday parties) or candies, so we're doing great. To our surprise, we were giving them snacks with junky ingredients. The food labels have a funny way of tricking you with their fancy wording.  

So, we got to work! We threw out all of our unhealthy snacks and started researching. My gosh! Why is it so hard to eat healthy!  This was harder and also more expensive than we could've imagined.  Several of our friends were having the same issues. It should be easier to give your kids healthy snacks! 

Our monthly subscription leaves the hard work to us. We will find the healthy snacks and ensure it's delivery to you each month.  Your kids will have the opportunity to taste new  healthy snacks that are actually good for them, and you will feel good to be giving it to them!