Savvy Snack Box…Building Healthy Snackers!

Healthy snacking for the whole family has never been easier than with the Savvy Snack Box.  We are dedicated  to providing your family with healthy snack options conveniently delivered to you each month. No more standing at the supermarket aisle trying to figure out what to buy and reading labels with words you can't even pronounce (well, at least I couldn't!).  We do the work for you! Each box contains a great selection of rotating Non-GMO, organic or naturally flavored snacks .  We also offer a Gluten-Free box. Studies show that healthy eating habits are more likely to stay with you if you learn them as a child. So, let's show them how to do it!  

Address the box to your child and they will love receiving their special snack box in the mail. We also include a bonus trinket or sticker in each box for an added surprise.  Savvy Snack Box also makes for an awesome gift.  Send a 3 or 6 month subscription to a loved one and they will love getting a new gift from you each month! Because long are they really going to play with that toy you usually buy them? Savvy Snack Box is a waaaay better gift! 


Choose from our Classic Savvy Box or Gluten-Free Box.  Each box contains  10-12 healthy snacks. All snacks are organic or naturally flavored and Non-GMO.

Step 1

Choose a box

Select a Classic Savvy Box or Gluten Free-Box

Step 2

Choose a frequency

Select month to month or sign up for 3, 6 or 9 months for added  savings!

Step 3

Get your box!

Yummy! Your kids will love the options and the added surprise each month.

Healthy Snacking Delivered Monthly



“Our box arrived in a fun, pretty package! My toddler was super excited to see all of the goodies that were in the box. I love the variety of snacks that came in our box. We got to try some new brands we’ve never heard of before and can now add to our list of favorite treats. I’m always looking for healthy snack options for my toddler and she’s approved everything she’s tried so far! My box included a personalized note welcoming me to the company and I especially appreciated that added touch! We are looking forward to our next box of delicious treats!”  - Chanelle W

“We loved the cute orange box! The snacks were delish. The kids wanted to eat them all up in one day. We got a 6 month subscription to take advantage of the discount. The kids also loved the pencils and stickers that were included.  Can't wait to see what snacks comes next month.“  - Jazmine J

“My kids loved the selection of snacks! The box contained fruity treats, bars and chips. I am really happy with my purchase.”   - Manasa V